Why We're Crowd-Sourcing Ethical Tech Education

Justin Sherman, Ethical Tech’s Co-Founder and Vice President, wrote for The Startup about his project with Aria Chernik to create the first open source “Ethical Tech 101” college class curriculum—specifically, why the first round of development is crowd-sourcing topics and resources.

We’re not crowd-sourcing topics and resources because we don’t have our own ideas; we absolutely do, and our friends, advisors, and collaborators would certainly provide enough information and expertise to develop a class on our own. Instead, we want to make sure we’re avoiding gaps and minimizing the impact of our own biases. After all, if you work together — or work in similar areas — it’s all too easy to forget about a topic, exclude a perspective, or never see a new angle on the issue. And since so many problems with technology, arguably, come from the homogeneity and exclusivity of the conversations and decisions about its innovation, consumption, and regulation, we need to avoid those same issues as much as possible too.

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